Swamp Dessert table~with Store Bought Items

Here is the swamp dessert table that I made for Madison’s classroom Halloween party. Like many of you, Madison’s school requires that the desserts are store bought. That doesn’t mean that your dessert tables have to look boring! It just means you have to be a little more creative! I did a swamp theme because swamps are eerie and spooky to me. This theme can also be used for a birthday theme~ boy and girl! Yes, a girl theme as well….hello ….Princess and the Frog….swamp~bayou…get it?? As usual I only had a half hour for set up that was including unloading my car. I wasn’t feeling my best so was really happy that one of the mommies ask if they could help….uuummm…..YES!

I really love this dessert table. I am always thinking of stuff to create….sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t! One thing that I love that I created on this table was the Spider eggs! I wrapped chocolate covered raisins in plastic wrap then covered it in spider webbing. I hung it on a tree that I had created a while ago. I made the beware sign and found the large spider cocoon on clearance! The large spider cocoon shook and made noise when the kids yelled or clapped. Needless to say this was the hit of the party! Added some 99 cents store glitter spiders and moss. 

I have to admit I really love the background as well. I showed you how I did this HERE

My second favorite was the swamp reeds! I used store bought Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and I put them on bamboo skewers to simulate swamp reeds. Just like the real thing…they aren’t perfect but that what makes it look even better in the swamp! It’s all about HOW you display something! You don’t have to always have custom food items to match everything! 

I also went “Old-School” on creating the labels. Printed off the food items using Word then simply used a spider & web stamp. Easy but not cheesy! A table like this one…it’s all about having creative titles for your food. The kids really loved it. They were saying….is there really mud in the shake?? Or telling each other…I’m drinking MUD! So cute!

The only non-store bought item on this table were my Moss Balls! I had to have them. My friend and cake pop Diva Jennifer from Heavenly Cake Pops created them. I love that whatever I think of….she creates it and better than I have pictured it in my head! Great to have a friend who owns a cake pop business! I rarely have a party without a cake pop creation from Jen! 

Store bought cupcakes with chocolate rocks and dates as the cockroaches. The kids really didn’t want the cockroach…they kept asking was it real and what really is it since most of them have never seen a date. Funny!

The mud bars were brownies and we had rocks that were bite sized cookies. 

To make the whole dessert table seem more organic, I placed mustard greens over styrofoam. Oh yea…the green  juice is frog juice. There you have it~ a very easy, made in one day, store bought, inexpensive dessert table!

Hope you got some muses my peeps!