Rainbow Popcorn Buffet

I am 80% done with my self move! UGH! I was in the military for 21 years and although I’ve moved at least 13 times during that time~ I have always had packers and movers. I now know that I WILL NEVER SELF MOVE AGAIN!! I truly hate packing! It is taking me forever so sorry for my lack of posts! I will be back on schedule by next week (hopefully~if I finally can get Internet in my new home!).

Anyhoo, I had promised to do a popcorn bar for Madison’s Kindergarten class for winning a fund raising drive. I literally didn’t start this popcorn table until the morning of! So last minute but I think it turned out cute….plus it was very inexpensive to do!

I got the cute striped colored bags from my sweet friends over at Petite Party Studio. They have an actual store so I’m able to pick up last minute supplies whenever I need!! However, for those of you that plan ahead (not always my case) then you can order online and have the party cuteness shipped! They have so much cute stuff in their store! 

I created the backdrop using large cloud paper found a JoAnn’s. Used my 40% coupon so it came to about $5. I got the plastic tablecloths from Party City….I was a little upset because the tablecloths were $1.99 each…I can get them for $1 at Dollar Tree but I was afraid they wouldn’t have all the colors I needed. Since I was on a time crunch had to pay the extra $1 a tablecloth for convenience of not running around. Still only came to $12. (I’m cheap frugal) Picked up the white balloons for the clouds while at Party City. 

The colored popcorn came from my favorite gourmet popcorn place Poppa Maize Gourmet Popcorn. They have a store in Mills District but will ship! Remember you can also make your own colored Kool-Aid popcorn here. However, I’m biased to my Poppa Maize Gourmet Popcorn!! YUM!

For an extra treat, I gave the kiddos in Madison’s class a candy tube filled with gum balls. Picked up both at Petite Party Studio. I loved the excitement with the kids while I was setting up! I just want to freeze time sometimes and enjoy such sweet moments!! 

Wouldn’t this rainbow popcorn buffet be perfect for a St. Patrick’s party?