Princess and the Pea DIY~ Pea Fork

I’ve gone pea wild! Like my pea fork?

Kristy aka the Glitter Whisperer from The Purple Pug was my muse for my pea forks for Madison’s Princess and the Pea party next week. Her Cereal Buffet Bar was back in 2010 but has never left my mind!! It was pure creative genius!!

I LOVED how she personalized the spoons! Such attention to detail. I DO notice every detail when I attend parties…I can’t help it!! I wonder sometimes is everyone like me?? Or do all of my little details go unnoticed??? Oh well, I can’t help myself…somebody stop me!
Since it’s a Princess and the Pea theme ~ I’m using peas throughout the decor!
I like the pea forks ~ on to the next DIY project. Will post tomorrow!