Princess and the Pea DIY~ Pancake Stands

For Madison’s Princess and the Pea party, I really want to do a breakfast buffet table “styled” like a dessert table. I am serving pancakes and wanted to make them look special so decided to make each girl their own stack of pancakes and put them on their own stand. I used candlestick holders from Jo Ann’s or you can find them in any craft store (in the unfinished wood section). 6 inch round wood piece and E-6000 glue.
I let the glue dry overnight then spray painted it all white.

For extra cuteness, I hot glued pom pom ribbon around them.
I think they turn out adorable and I can’t wait to see the girl’s individual stacks of pancakes on them.
You could use the same process for mini cupcake stands just substitute the 6 inch round for a 3 inch round. Cupcakes would look so adorable on their own stand, don’t you think? I have a rock star party tomorrow so need to get started on a few DIY projects for it. I will share my most favorite DIY rock star project this weekend.

*Note: Don’t put food directly on stand due to spray paint. I place food on top of paper doily.