Paint Chip Projects

Okay, I must confess I was in the hardware store today and couldn’t help myself to a few paint chips. Michelle, you say, are you planning to paint??? Dare I say, NO, I’m planning to craft!! I saw the wall of such beautiful colors and all I could think of was Crayola party. (and free) I know it’s a disease I have so I helped myself to some. I’m thinking they would make the cutest tags for various items on the buffet table. So I went to the wonderful web world to see if anyone else has my disease….guess what…there is an epidemic!

Business card holder…..oh my… brain would have never thought of this?? Awesome tutorial here.Mini notebooks that I found on Whimsy Love tutorial here. I will use some of my paint chips to make these for one of the kids favors….too cute. I won’t tell you how many I took today…I’m just glad I didn’t get stopped by security!!
Paint Chip bookmarks.
Paint chip cards.Paint chip wall. Cool idea for party wall backdrop or in this case a student in a dorm who isn’t allowed to paint! This took a few trips to the Home Depot!So this is not actually using paint chips but too cute to pass up. Paint chip cookies found on Bake at 350! Make a collage as Everything is Ranunculus did.I really don’t hope they find a cure for my disease!