Fruit Centerpieces


The top 2 pictures are from a cruise my family took this year. I just love how cruise ships go all out in decorating the buffet tables! They mainly use fruit and vegetables and since I’ve been on a zillion cruises I have tons of photos of these masterpieces. So why haven’t I attempted to [...]

Party Pom Poms


If you already don’t shop on Etsy – you are really missing out! I always find such unique things. Everything on Etsy is handmade. I found this shop called Party Poms. Poms are really popular right now for party decor. What is even better they use recycled content tissue paper. These would really fill up [...]

Edible Wafer Paper


I am in absolute love with Fancy Flours. It is an online retail baking supply store. They have such a huge and wonderful cornucopia of gorgeous products. It is a must for you to check it out! I love to bake but I can not frost a cake or decorate a cookie to save my [...]

Dinner Party for 20!


My husband had his team over for a dinner party last week. (Of course, he only gave me a weeks notice to feed 20 people) No problem, right? Well, the first thing I thought about this is a perfect opportunity to showcase something for my class on Parties for Pennies. So when thinking about chargers [...]



I found this picture of glowsticks over on Social Couture blog. The new trend is the use of glowsticks as party decor. How clever is this? I just love it!! I wish I would have thought of this one first!! This would have been perfect for my 80′s party I just had 2 weeks ago! [...]

Carnival Cupcakes


Carnival parties are really the rage now for children’s parties. I found the cutest cupcakes that would be perfect for the carnival theme. I found these on Cupcakes Take the cake but were made from House of Sweets. They are adorable and they look pretty easy to make. I totally love the popcorn and cotton [...]

Easy Embellishment


You can customize practically anything by using contact paper. You can get it from any home improvement store and you get tons of it for next to nothing in price. Contact paper comes in all kinds of colors and even textures! The best part is that it’s self-adhesive just cut out your shape or letters [...]

Diva Halloween


I love to think outside the box and never have the norm. Here is a quick table setting I put together to show how to use something unexpected for a girls Halloween party such as a Diva Halloween or Witches party. The skull came from Dollar Tree and I painted it bright pink and added [...]

Welcome to Maddycakes Muse

I own a company called Maddycakes which I started after planning my daughter’s first birthday. I couldn’t find anyone in my area who specialized in upscale children’s parties so I decided that I should! I get inspiration from everywhere and would love to share ideas and tips with you. I hope that you get some [...]