Mermaid Invitations


I have started prep on Madison’s Mermaid & Dolphin party. Yes, she totally picked her theme. I got some rather bad news on Wednesday~I scheduled my shoulder surgery for June 21st so Madison’s party will be the last one for me for at least 2 months. I knew that I had to have this surgery [...]

Starfish Mermaid Wands


      In the next couple of months you will be seeing many DIY mermaid projects gearing up for Madison’s Mermaid Birthday party in June. Starting with these starfish mermaid wands. I bought the starfish while in Mexico but you can get them very easily online as well. This project is super easy and [...]

Froggy party


This party was submitted by fellow party planning friend who loves DIY as much as me! Lana from Lana Wescott Events planned this froggy party for her little frog who was turning 3. I love the handmade DIY love of this cute themed party. I love the blue and green color scheme and how she [...]


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Easter Treats for Kids

bunny food

I just love this simple Easter treat for the kiddos made by jacks & Kate. So simple and quick to do. Make it today!! Check out her blog post for the 411 here!

Kids Easter Party

easter buffet

 Yesterday was Madison’s Easter Egg Hunt party. Since we are still in boxes, I kept it very simple and used things I already owned. She was just so happy to finally have some of her friends at our new house. After every holiday, I generally shop the day after and catch all the sales then [...]

Personalized Easter Pails


I am having a little Easter party for Madison this Sunday. It is taking quite a while getting the house unpacked and put together but still wanted to have our Annual Easter Egg hunt. Madison LOVES to color Easter eggs so no matter the condition of my house …. I wanted to ensure to keep [...]

Flower using dyed paper doilies


Remember my last post when I showed you how to dye paper doilies? If not click here. I’ve challenged myself to create 10 party decor items using these dyed paper doilies. First up, is the flowers I made with the help of my sidekick Madison.  Sorry for the iPhone pic but I live in the [...]

Dyed Paper Doilies


If you follow me on Facebook then you know I have not been blogging much due to moving. Now, I’m on a much needed break and at our beach condo in Mexico. I really have missed blogging but something has got to give. Even with tons of boxes and house in disarray….I’m still having Madison [...]

Rainbow Popcorn Buffet


I am 80% done with my self move! UGH! I was in the military for 21 years and although I’ve moved at least 13 times during that time~ I have always had packers and movers. I now know that I WILL NEVER SELF MOVE AGAIN!! I truly hate packing! It is taking me forever so [...]