Back To School Breakfast

BTS breakfast

Madison started back to school today…August 1st! I really am not happy how early the schools here in Phoenix start back to school so early but there is nothing to do about it but try to show some enthusiasm for it! Last year, I had a back to school party. This year with everything  (moving, [...]

Milk & Cookies Back To School

BTS milk  cookies

I love milk & cookies and love this as a party theme even better! This was an easy theme to do at Madison’s class Kindergarten graduation party. However, this Smart Cookie theme is perfect for BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Madison starts school tomorrow….yes tomorrow August 1st! So super duper early so I’ve been preparing for her [...]

Camp Out Crafts


It’s our last week before school starts here! I can’t believe my little Madison starts 1st grade next week. Seriously, this summer was way too fast! I don’t like that schools start so early here! I’m trying to squeeze as many things and cross them off our Summer bucket list! One thing on my summer [...]

DIY Chalkboard Cabinet Door

chalkboard cabinet

  So I like so many of you…I’m obsessed with chalkboard! It’s so easy and affordable to do on your own. I’ve shared so many chalkboard projects on this blog.  Have you ever thought about instead of a chalkboard frame just painting an old cabinet door? I know I have some laying around due to [...]

4th of July Beach Picnic


    Madison LOVES picnics…she could have one everyday! I brought a few red, white and blue items with me to our condo in Mexico so we could have a little 4th of July beach picnic. The beaches maybe too crowded on the 4th so we had the picnic early. I used the FREE Printables [...]

4th of July Frozen Yogurt Stars


I’m here in my condo in Mexico and I brought along these silicone star molds. What’s a girl  to do with them? Then I feel genius struck….what about freezing yogurt in them….a whole new meaning to frozen yogurt. Okay…maybe genius is a strong word but seriously…I got Madison to eat a lot of these beauties [...]

Red, White & Blue Pretzel Treats


I love sweet & salty together! Don’t you? Well, I am at our condo in Mexico recovering from shoulder surgery! Yes, I have so much to share with you all. I’ve been horrible about not blogging since my move, renovation of new home, driving Madison an 1 hour each way to school (so she can [...]

Chalkboard Banner

chalkboard banner

I am back from my vacation in the Dominican Republic and I have a gazillion DIY projects to complete for Madison’s upcoming Mermaid birthday party next weekend! My head is spinning because as usual I have thought up more DIY projects than I possible can complete in this short time frame but I’m going to [...]

Easy Seashell Paper Mache Letters

seashell letter

Here is a easy project that is perfect for any beach, under the sea, or in my case a mermaid theme party. I got one of the large paper mache letters from JoAnn’s (used my 40% off coupon). Simply hot glued various seashells onto the front. Since the paper mache letter is already a sandy [...]

Parties That Wow! Our SNAP Class

bs invite

  Hello everyone! Thanks for being here! I have had a lot of personal and professional changes in my life so have not been blogging as regular as I used to! Things are finally getting settled and I will be back here with you a lot more now! I taught a class at SNAP in [...]