Mermaid Party Crafts/Activities and Favors

Back today with Part 2 of Madison’s Mermaid party. If you missed part 1 check it out HERE!

Part 1 showcased some decor, food, cupcake and cake cantina and ice cream bar. Today I will share the activities, favors and Mermaid souvenir shoppe (favors for kids).

A huge hit of this party was the arrival of the mermaid! Madison had no idea and she was so excited. The mermaid did glitter tattoos and balloons creatures. Glitter tattoos were the best options instead of face paint due to the kids swimming after this. The glitter tattoos hold up well when wet. We have a pool but I also rented a huge water slide. I had fun on the water slide! I’m sure to get that again this year….even though her theme is County Fair….I will have to find a way to incorporate it! Maybe I can find one with a cow on it!

(large cardboard surfboard prop came from Oriental Trading)

 I like to set up some sort of “favor booth” at Madison’s larger birthday parties. We generally alternate for large or small birthday party. This year was a big year! We invite not only her friends but families. So no drop off kids here! We like to get to know her school friends parents and siblings along with our friends and families come. So we have a large number of boys and girls in all age groups. It’s hard to do a simple favor bag that all ages would enjoy. So I will pick up items when I see them on sale for months prior to her birthday. I am a HUGE shopper the day after Easter and get all sorts of goodies on clearance for her party! I also shop the dollar store for themed items. Plus you can never go wrong with Oriental Trading Company! Their quality and price cannot be beat! I have used them for over 15 years!!

This year “favor station” was Madison’s Magical Mermaid Souvenir Shoppe. The kids did activities and crafts and earned shells for completing. They could go shopping in the souvenir shoppe using their shells. This year every item was 1 shell.

Each child picked their shopping bag from the souvenir shoppe then put their names on them. (bags came from Oriental Trading).

The last thing you want is kids having meltdowns because they can’t find their bag! :)

There were 2 craft stations and 2 activity stations. After crafts the kids ate, then the mermaid came to do glitter tattoos and balloons. After which the kids changed to swim suits to hit the pool and we blew up the large water slide. After some time we did cake and ice cream. I prefer not to open gifts at parties.

Craft stations were making a tropical necklace and frame. Both crafts came from Oriental Trading.


There were 2 activities. Pin the tail on the mermaid and fishing. Rarely do I have a party without something handmade from my creative and talented friend Shawna from Shawna Brockmeier Styled Events. She creates the most amazing handmade items. She has made me so many things from custom games, crowns to custom shirts. I love having her handmade with love items! I have kept everything she has ever made from each party. I will re-give them to Madison when she is older to use with her children. Shawna created this pin the tail on the mermaid game. Remember last year pin the horn on the unicorn? If not, check it out here! I wonder what we will come up with for this year’s theme??

Shawna even embroidered Madison’s name on the eye mask! I love the attention to detail.

The fishing game was so simple …. just a large pink baby pool with plastic shells and fish. The kids eyes were covered with mask and then went “fishing” with the net. The kiddos received 1 shell per item caught.

At Madison’s birthday parties, I always give the moms a favor as well. This year, I thought I was being super clever with the Thanks you’re a “sweet tea” for coming! I put packages of sugar, tea bag and lemon in small mason jars. You know I love me some mason jars! :) I added the tags and viola…easy and cute favors!


I hope you got some “muses” from this mermaid party! I have a lot of catching up to do with sharing all the parties that I’ve done and all the amazing things that I’m currently doing!

Mermaid printables~ Dimpleprints

Photography~ Brenna Leigh Photography