Mermaid Birthday Party

 I am finally getting around to posting Madison’s Mermaid birthday party. Thanks for hanging in there with me during my very sporadic blogging. My party planning business has been so busy that I did not make time for the blog. However, I have at least 15 parties to share with you that I have not posted! Crazy!! I have made a HUGE decision for 2014! I am not taking any new clients this year! I really need to slow down and enjoy building even more memories with my little one and not feeling like I’m cramming it all in! I’m still super busy but I’m learning to say NO! With that being said, I am returning to blogging on a more regular basis. I’ve really missed my peeps!

This mermaid party was in JUNE 2013! I wanted to make sure I post this before my daughter has another birthday! Get ready for picture overload thanks to Brenna Leigh Photography. If  you are local, check her out! I’ll have to break this party into two posts!! First up is dessert table, food and decor. I’ll post party activities and mermaid souvenir shoppe tomorrow. 

The star of the show….besides my gorgeous daughter of course was the ombre mermaid fin cake that my cake diva Lizzy Sweet’s n’ Treats made. I don’t even know how many hours it took her to individually make the fondant scales on the mermaid fin. It’s it just spectacular! Such a work of art! I don’t know if she dreads or loves my visions for cakes?? 

 Valuable lesson learned …. don’t use hot pink curtains in front of a window for a backdrop unless you want pinkish pictures! UGH! Oh well, I hope you can see all the love that went into the cake and cupcake cantina! 

 I made the large M by hot gluing many shells onto a large paper mache  M. I also made the palm tree using pineapples with wood dowel through center for support. 

I think this has been my favorite cake yet….and that is saying a lot because I have so many events! I always use my girl Lizzy’s Sweets n’ Treats. Cupcakes were delish also!! Like the chocolate shells in coordinating party colors on cupcakes? Just making sure you didn’t miss that detail! 


 The kids tables decorated with centerpieces that I created using the starfish wands that I made for the girls. (I showed a tutorial on the blog) I also made the ribbon chandeliers hanging above tables. I found these adorable floral vinyl tablecloths at Big Lots! Perfect! The pink lanterns came from IKEA. All of my mermaid printables came from my friend Carli from Dimpleprints. I love how she had a little mermaid that favored my little one! 

I love to do already packaged meals for kids when I have a large party like this one. There were at least 45 children at this party so to make things a lot simpler, I had pre-made meals with cute labels to coordinate. I wish I had a picture of the inside contents as well. Everything was wrapped so cute! I had the adults food catered but of course the kiddos could eat it too if they wanted. Usually, the kids waste food because they want to jump back into the activities!

To pull off a party this big I always get help! You can too….try asking teenage girls from your local neighborhood, church or friends. I have used the same girls for years! They are awesome! Yes, they have coordinating shirts that I made as well using the mermaid printables. 

Along with the dessert table I had a help yourself ice cream bar. I had to have it inside my house because it’s 108 degrees outside in June! 

Who doesn’t like ice cream?? Especially when the temps are over 100!

To keep ice cream from melting I put into these large plastic shells with ice. 

Every item on the ice cream bar had labels made with printables from Dimpleprints. 


Yes, I even hot glued shells around a frame to make a sign for our outside bathroom. Do you think anyone even noticed this detail? I don’t know but I do! LOL

Here is a sneak peek of the magical mermaid souvenir shoppe that I will post tomorrow. The kids did activities and earned shells then they could buy their own souvenirs in the shoppe. When you have this many kids attending, I find this is the best way for favors. That way I don’t have to have 45+ of each item. Plus it’s a mixture of boys and girls and various ages….they pick what they like….everyone wins!