Maddycakes on Sonoran Living

I was on Sonoran Living today. If you live here in Phoenix than you know what a big deal this was for Maddycakes. We were on to help promote Glendale Glitters Gingerbread Nights coming up this weekend. I was asked to do a mini dessert display and have a couple of kids to decorating gingerbread houses. Maddycakes is having a Gingerbread House making party this weekend so was very excited for this opportunity! Of course Madison was one of my kids doing the crafts. I brought more than needed because you never know what circumstances you may have for setting up. I didn’t have much space but I think it turn out good.

Aren’t these cake pops awesome!! I love the Santa hats! Remember these candy cane food label holders I made last year? If not, check it out here! Can you see those Christmas glass milk containers that are in the Radio Flyer wagon? A great Goodwill find!

Check these cookies out….hello Dollar Tree! I used regular plastic containers and glued polka dot fabric to match the boxes.

So as usual ~forgot to get a pic of me on set or even Madison but here is the set and preparations.
The Joy is just spray painted cardboard letters you can get from any craft store. My blog schedule may be off a little this month like it’s been the past week. I have a extremely busy holiday schedule but keep checking back. I will try to post every day just at different times than normal. Thanks my peeps! I have tons of events this month so can’t wait to share.