Dinner Party for 20!

My husband had his team over for a dinner party last week. (Of course, he only gave me a weeks notice to feed 20 people) No problem, right? Well, the first thing I thought about this is a perfect opportunity to showcase something for my class on Parties for Pennies. So when thinking about chargers I thought it would be great to just use scrapbook paper. Paper is a great way to decorate and you can use various coordinating patterns to work for any color scheme. Paper is so inexpensive especially when you catch scrapbook paper on sale. My luck, I found 59 cents paper at JoAnn’s on sale – buy 2 and get 3 free. What a bargain! Then I bought a coordinating pattern to use as napkin rings. Just cut to the size you want and glue ends around folded napkin.

I put 2 eight foot tables together and used cream tableclothes I already owned. I bought 3 yards of black discount fabric (it was $1.50 a yard) and cut in half and used bonding tape to edge and used as the runner.
What to feed 20 people (plus me and hubby)?? Don’t forget I do have a 2 year old as well! I decided to do various types of lasagna. Yes, I know you are thinking – lasagna takes a while to prepare. It does, however, you can prepare it a day ahead just don’t bake it. Then on the day of the party pop it in the oven.
I made 3 types of lasagna – I was going to do 4 but got tired and didn’t complete the 4th. As it turned out I didn’t need it.
I made meat, burrito, and taco lasagna. The spinach lasagna got left out. Also made a ceasar salad and garlic bread. My husband loves to grill so he HAD to have grilled meat as well. He added steak and chicken to the mix. I felt we didn’t need the extra meat but it worked out great and everyone loved it.
For dessert I made a german chocolate cake and store bought snickerdoodles and molasses cookies.