Custom Plates

I wanted custom plates for Madison’s Princess and the Pea party but was not willing to pay the custom price~over $7 a plate for what I liked! That’s okay….I can DIY it!! Got glass plates from Dollar Tree and applied Modge Podge to the Princess and the Pea image from the Paper & Pigtails invitations onto back of plate. You will see a slight residue. Not to worry once you paint the back you won’t see it.
Here is the plate with one coat of paint. I’m letting it dry 24 hours then I will apply a second coat then put in oven to cure. (Just follow glass paint instructions) So easy and I love them! Not bad for about $1.25!


  1. says

    The plates are adorable and the themed party that you created with these was AMAZING, so inspirational and so detailed! I loved every bit of it!
    I’ve never used modge podge on plates before and would love to try this. Can you please explain what sort of format the image has to be in? What paper did you use?
    thanks so much