Children’s Party Events: Video Series for

If you follow my Facebook page (and you really should ~ I update it daily with tons of stuff) then you already know that I did a video series for eHow. I was contacted by a talent agent and I thought it was a gimmick but luckily I answered the email and it was legit! The series was Children’s Party Events and eHow chose the topics. It was a lot of hard work but I’m really glad for the opportunity. I have been asked by eHow to do another series. My schedule is so full right now that I had to decline for right now but will probably do another series this Fall. I see all sorts of mistakes but I was hot (We had to turn off my air conditioner because the motor unit was behind the wall where I am standing and it made too much noise. It was over 85 degrees in the house!) and delirious by the 7th straight hour of nonstop working. Next time…I will stop to eat and maybe change my outfit! LOL Let me know what you think???
Can see all the videos HERE.