DIY Chalkboard Cabinet Door


So I like so many of you…I’m obsessed with chalkboard! It’s so easy and affordable to do on your own. I’ve shared so many chalkboard projects on this blog. 

Have you ever thought about instead of a chalkboard frame just painting an old cabinet door? I know I have some laying around due to remodeling our home but you can buy an old beat up cabinet or get some from surplus stores like ReStore (my fav). Just paint the frame with chosen color and fill in the middle recessed panel with chalkboard paint. Embellish however you like! I love to use chalkboards for everything from food items at parties to putting my favorite Christmas song lyrics on during the holidays.

Right now I have our Summer Bucket List on it. As you can see, I better get a move on if I want to finish my summer list! Between my surgery and recovery this summer….I’m seriously slacking. I will try to cross of as many as I can in the next couple of weeks!! Madison’s school starts back August 1st! Can you believe that! CRAZY early!! I am working on a camping sleepover this week….crossing off several summer list things with this one! I will be sharing my DIY projects this week.