Treat Cones & Huge News


 I love the ever so popular treat cones. However, they can be tricky to make, right?? Want to know how I made these treat cones??? I used party hats from Dollar Tree…you get 8 for 1 buck! I just ripped strips of newspapers and glued on to the party hats. Easy Peasy treat cones!! You [...]

Fiesta Week~Tequila Tasting


  I’m not much of a drinker…in fact I may only have 2 or 3 drinks a year. However, how can I have a fiesta week and not talk about Tequila? When I was much …much younger I went to a tequila tasting in Tijuana. I don’t remember recall much about it except someone wanting the worm. I know some of you remember that, [...]

Fiesta Week~Salsa and Guacamole Bar


Fiesta Week continues with muses of a guacamole and salsa bar. I’m loving this display of sauces in molcajetes. Last year while on vacation in Puerta Vallerta, Madison and I took a class on making 7 different types of salsa. It was amazing and every recipe we used a molcajete to grind spices and chiles. Instead of using [...]

Kool Aid Popcorn


    I have this Kool-Aid popcorn picture on my Pinterest board. I just think it’s the coolest! You get color and flavor all in one! Just imagine the possibilities! You will be seeing this again for Madison’s birthday party this year!   Ingredients 2 cups Sugar 1 cup Light Corn Syrup ⅔ cups Butter [...]

Fish Tacos & Patron Margaritas


    I am a fan of any food in mini! I am prepping for my Fiesta Forty Five birthday party and looking for muses. Love this display of mini fish tacos plus Patron margaritas! Would also be perfect for Cinco De Mayo! Now to get a hold of 100 mini Patron bottles. (photo Mel [...]

Pinata Sugar Cookies with a Surprise Inside


How cute are these pinata cookies by She Knows? I LOVE them! Great for Cinco de Mayo or any fiesta!!  I want these for my Fiesta Forty-Five party! I’m not a baker and looks like a lot of steps but so worth it!