Candy Apple Creation Station


I love Fall! It is by far my favorite season. Living in Phoenix for the past 4 years, there aren’t leaves changing into gorgeous colors and the wonderful Fall smells that I was used to on the East Coast. However, the weather is beautiful and I decorate with all types of Autumnal colors. One thing [...]

BBQ Cutlery Bags


Remember my “muse” for my BBQ Cutlery bags? I finally made it to Dollar Tree today and picked up my brown paper bags. I’m no graphic designer but I can use Picnik! So I made my bag label and printed on the paper bags. Cut the top of bag down with wavy-edge scissors. Inside I [...]

Candy Cupcake Toppers


Create these cute candy cupcake toppers using small styrofoam balls and crepe paper! Tutorial by Cake Journal.

Back To School Printables


Back to School time! Yes, Madison’s school officially started August 8th but I’m sending her back after Labor Day. Since she is still in preschool I didn’t think she would miss too much…I won’t have that luxury next year when she is a kindergartner. (I get a lump in my throat just thinking about that!) [...]

DIY Hamburger Party Invites


Can you believe that it is end of summer, REALLY! So I’m planning my end of summer Burger Bash with a “Dive-In” movie. As you know, I really like unique invitations so while doing a Internet search for some muses; I came across these really cool DIY hamburger invitations to include a PDF! Winning!

Bloom Party


What a grand entrance to a party! I LOVE this so much!!! Check out those seriously HIGH chairs!! Look at the adorable pic of birthday girl and the bloom pic. The flower arbor blew me away.Note to self~ I must use LARGE balloons at next birthday party. This stylish party was done by Kelle of [...]

Card Table Playhouses


EEEEKKKKK!! I love these card table play houses! Another reason why I need to know how to sew!! You can download the pattern here for only $5! How much do you think I can pay someone to do this for me??? Got one for the boys as well….gotta love this service garage. Wish I would [...]

Popsicle Party


So end of summer is close but not too late to have a popsicle party. You can either purchase popsicles or make your own. The kiddos would love it and would not take too much preparation or money! I adore these popsicle invitations. A great DIY project found here. These Brownie Popsciles would be a [...]

Cupcake Tasting Party


Thanks my FB peeps for helping me finalize the theme for my birthday soiree this year. My favorite food & drink ~ Cupcakes and Coke. I had no idea it is Coke’s 125th Anniversary (thanks Amy) so I really must pay homage to my beloved Coke! I love this idea of a cupcake tasting party [...]

Are you a pretty baker?


As you know, I really wish I could sew! Another thing I really wish I could do is bake beautiful cakes and cookies! My baking tastes great but does not LOOK great! I’m not a pretty baker! I spend so much money buying cakes and cookies for the many parties that I do!! What a [...]