My Little Pony Invites


Here is Madison’s invite for her My Little Pony party. She wanted all the colors of the rainbow for her party just like the ponies. I thought this printable invite by Printable Candee Designs was perfect. Chelsie was awesome to get me the invites quick so I can get them passed out before Madison’s last [...]

Need A Princess??


By far the most requested party I get from my children party business is my Signature Princess party! Every little girl loves to play dress up and become princesses! Not until being a speaker at SNAP did I realize that many of you really would like some of my “insider” tips and tricks! Well, I [...]

Cowboy Party


YEEHAW!! I am in absolute love with this cowboy party from Kelly Allison Photography!! I needed some of these “muses” last year when planning Madison’s Western Toy Story party!LOVE the apple juices in screen printed muslin gold rush bags!! Also love that breakfast was served.Trail mix in mini lunch bags and tied with twine.My absolute [...]

DIY Foil Flags


I’m loving these DIY foil flags I spotted over at The Sweetest Occasion.I have never seen the self adhesive foil sheets before. I was looking for something like this last year for Madison’s birthday party. I tried using aluminum foil but it was way too thin. URGH!I love the fact that you can add words!Must [...]

Custom Plates


I wanted custom plates for Madison’s Princess and the Pea party but was not willing to pay the custom price~over $7 a plate for what I liked! That’s okay….I can DIY it!! Got glass plates from Dollar Tree and applied Modge Podge to the Princess and the Pea image from the Paper & Pigtails invitations [...]

Princess and the Pea DIY~ Pancake Stands


For Madison’s Princess and the Pea party, I really want to do a breakfast buffet table “styled” like a dessert table. I am serving pancakes and wanted to make them look special so decided to make each girl their own stack of pancakes and put them on their own stand. I used candlestick holders from [...]

Princess and the Pea DIY~ Pea Fork


I’ve gone pea wild! Like my pea fork? Kristy aka the Glitter Whisperer from The Purple Pug was my muse for my pea forks for Madison’s Princess and the Pea party next week. Her Cereal Buffet Bar was back in 2010 but has never left my mind!! It was pure creative genius!!I LOVED how she [...]

DIY Mini Cakes


I love these mini cakes…they look so hard to get such perfect and even, right???These babies were made in a can! Get out! I LOVE them!! It looks so easy maybe I can do it!! Jordan from Oh Happy Day made these lovelies! I must say I love her blog…she moved to Paris for a [...]

DIY Candy Jars


A few of you noticed my candy jars from Madison’s Valentine’s preschool mini sweets table on Facebook and wanted the 411! I have been saving every glass jar after we finish the food. So I have so many jars from pickles to jelly jars. SAVE YOUR JARS my peeps…..there is so many things you can [...]