Camp Out Crafts

It’s our last week before school starts here! I can’t believe my little Madison starts 1st grade next week. Seriously, this summer was way too fast! I don’t like that schools start so early here! I’m trying to squeeze as many things and cross them off our Summer bucket list! One thing on my summer list was camping and sleepover~with a camping sleepover I could cross off 2 things from my bucket list. Phoenix weather is not the best place for summer camping with it’s over 100 degree temperatures every day. However, in the past summers I have endured the hot weather and camped in our backyard with Madison. We have moved and our new home is right below the mountains. What I have learned is …. what lives in the mountains comes down daily! I see coyotes just walking our streets daily. I found a rattle snake in my garage and my husband saw a bobcat at the mailbox. Needless to say, I’m not camping out in my backyard here! I moved our camping indoors this year!  We invited a couple of Madison’s friends over….however a stomach flu was going around and 2 little girls couldn’t make it. However, we still had a blast with her little friend and mommy of course!

I have tons of these canvas backpacks from my party business. However, they put the wrong website on them so can’t use for business! UGH! We colored them with fabric markers so we could use them on our nature walk. You can buy plain canvas backpacks at any craft store and use fabric markers to decorate them as well. All my printables were by my talented friend Carli from Dimpleprints. The camping party printables have so many various patterns but I mainly stuck with the brown printables even though the party package had tons of rainbow colors as well. I have a lot of camouflage from my military background so wanted to use it vice buy stuff. Plus who said camouflage was for boys only! I think it’s super chic!

I got these canteens from Oriental Trading Company. I seriously love Oriental Trading….just saying. I’ve been using them for over 15 years! It used to be my little secret but everybody in the party world knows about them now! LOL The canteens were originally army canteens, I simply glued Dimpleprints banner spacers over the army labels. It fit perfectly! I love it when that happens! We went on a little nature walk. 

Don’t you just love Madison’s shirt? Yep, just ironed on a Dimpleprints printable using light fabric transfer to a white t-shirt. 

Made some beautiful jewelry! I got the colorful pony beads, glass owls and string from Oriental Trading. It’s way cheaper and in larger quantities than going to the local craft stores. So you will have enough for many more jewelry crafting times not just at one party.  


I helped Madison with her name necklace. 

But she made this mommy one all by herself. Never mind that the Mommy is backwards….I totally cherish it. 

We also made monkey puppets out of brown paper bags, pipe cleaners and felt. Just precut the felt prior to for easier crafting. Also double sided tape is your friend much neater than glue! 

My little girl loves crafts so it was extremely fun to have a camping play date full of crafting! We did one more craft that I really loved….will show that next time! Plus….you know I’ll show you the grub display!! 

This review of Oriental Trading products are based strictly on my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or experience with the products listed above.  I was provided the samples free of charge by the company or PR agency and I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was provided for this review.