Camp Out Party

A few weeks ago I shared with you Madison’s Camp Out party crafts but never posted the food table. If you didn’t see the camp out crafts post click HERE! Of course you know us party girls love to display our food! Since this play date was only for a few of Madison’s friends it makes no sense to have too much food. Everything I served was store bought. I used the camping printables from Dimpleprints. I love working with Carli from Dimpleprints. Carli and I have been blogging buddies for over 4 years. I’ve used her designs on so many things including my Christmas cards! I finally got to meet her at SNAP this year! It felt like meeting a long lost friend! Dimpleprints is having a summer series showcasing parties using her printables so of course I had to jump on board!

Like I said on previous post, I am not camping in the backyard this year due to not only the extreme heat but since moving we have seen way too many creatures I’m deathly afraid of lurking around these parts! However, even though camping indoors you still need some critters. Madison and I made these critters using Dimpleprints printables and my tracer machine. I traced onto large styrofoam sheets (found at home improvement stores). Cut them out then painted with acrylic paints. 


Of course we had to have s’mores …however Miss Madison informed me she no longer likes s’mores. WHAT? Whose child is this? She blamed it on me saying I’ve made it for her too many times and now she is sick of them. Really? Too late….I had already planned this WHOLE “S’more”gasboard theme…get it?? All “s’mores” food.



We had s’mores cookies in my camouflage tent that I had made for my business camping parties. I wish I can sew!

Although, this Dimpleprints printable set had tons of rainbow type printables, I stuck with the more “woodsy” ones. I didn’t want to go out and buy a bunch of stuff for this playdate. I already own tons of camouflage from being in the Marines so went with it. Plus, I happen to like camouflage…I wore it for 21 years!! 

I really like the smore’s goldfish … yum! I also like Reese’s cups instead of chocolate for my s’mores. 

I made this banner to break up some of the camo…so easy to do just with strips of lace and burlap tied on a rope.

I gathered a bunch of my house plants and surrounded our campsite area. Pulled out things I would normally have when going camping for an authentic feel. We like to go fishing while camping so put out our fishing gear as well. 

I just love this printable set…makes everything so easy to decorate! 

I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of the rest of the campsite! I put down artificial grass and built a campfire with real rocks and wood. I posted a sneak peek on Instagram of it but never got a real shot. I’m slipping but that’s what happen with REAL events….it’s not about the photo but the enjoyment of the people who attend your shindig! 

Thanks for coming by to see our “indoor” camp out! Thanks Dimpleprints for your continued friendship and amazing printables!!