Black & White Easter

I was so excited to have a Cricut Blogger Workshop at my home. Cricut actually flew in a representative (Nathan) and he brought 3 additional Cricut machines for my friends to try out the new Cricut Explore. (I have a Cricut Explore as well…..yay me!)  Have you all heard the huge buzz about these machines?? Seriously, THE BEST cutting machines EVAH!!!

I had quite a busy week being in Los Angeles helping with Operation Shower’s largest shower hosted by Heidi Klum and getting home mid-week. However, I wanted to do a few projects to show my friends how they can use their Cricut to make decor for an Easter tablescape. I’m NOT a fan of pastels….sorry….I know Easter is so “pastely” …. I like to make up words. I decided to do a more elegant, modern twist with a black and white Easter.

I set up a little mock Easter tablescape in my kitchen since I was using my dining room table for crafting. I had 26 girls over for the Cricut Blogger workshop which I simply called Girls Craft night in! My new Cricut Explore is amazing! It is so easy to use and what I love most!! No more cartridges! There is a port on the Explore that you put your cartridges into and you can upload them into your Design Space account and they will be saved on there forever!  So no need to keep pulling out your cartridges. I digress…… I made this centerpiece using eggs….not real eggs but I found plastic eggs that look totally real in Walmart! LOVE! I added a bunny from my Cricut design space. I am in love with it.

I know straw flags are all the rage but do you like this butterfly that I found in Cricut design space? It even had 3 holes which made it super duper easy for me to slip my bendable straw through. I have a roll of chalkboard paper so I added the bunny. I love putting names on glasses so that people not only know where they are sitting but after dinner can keep drinking and know which glass is theirs.



I have seen so many bird’s nests made with milk chocolate but I wanted white chocolate. This nest is 4 inches and filled with malt chocolate eggs.

 Another thing I made with my Cricut was the butterfly napkin ring. It was so super easy to whip these out. It would have taken me a week to do it by hand….ok maybe that’s a little exaggeration. However, it only took minutes with my Cricut. Another cool thing about this machine….it cuts so many various materials to include felt, fabric, leather, metal and even thin wood!! Can you believe that?? Plus since there is a dial to put on what type of material you are cutting….no need to try to figure it all out!! Even my most non-crafty friends had no problems cutting out their projects during craft night!


Of course I had some food…..sweets that is!! To match my black and white Easter tablescape I create a matching sweets table.

As you know rarely do I have a party without something from my cake diva Lizzy’s Sweet n’Treats. This time she made me mini cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate and cookies and cream) and black and white egg-shaped sugar cookies. I have a chalkboard banner hanging over my fireplace with these exact designs on them. Didn’t get a photo of the chalkboard banner….bad blogger!

Sorry for the dark photos but the craft night started at 7 pm and this was a “real” event not a photo shoot. I was enjoying my girls and crafting so just took super quick pictures to share.

 Here is a picture of 3 of the 4 Cricut machine set ups. The other one was in my craft room which is directly across from my dining room where these were set up. I had 2 crafts to choose from and the girls had total access to all my paper and paints to really make their craft their own. I didn’t take any pictures of final products but luckily everyone has cell phones with cameras. To see the party and finished projects check out Instagram under #explorecricut and #exploreworkshop. While there you can check out other amazing gals and their creations/workshops!