Back To School Teacher Gift

As you know back to school was last week for us. I currently have family visiting from Denver and Madison doesn’t want to go to school today because she feels like she will be missing all the fun. Being a kid can be tough sometimes, huh? Today I wanted to share with you our teacher’s gift Madison’s gave her teacher. I really wanted to go with the apple theme and keep it simple. I got this apple basket from Michael’s. I thought about spray painting it but decided to keep it natural. I added red checkered fabric then added “apple” goodies. I included apple butter from a local farm, apple potpourri, apple scented candle, apple scented mini hand sanitizers, an apple reed diffuser and a hand sanitizer holder. You could add anything but I thought having everything apple related was cute. Another thing I wanted to put in but ran out of time was a caramel apple. 

I found this perfect FREE printable tag over at Positively Splendid. I just love it! Going back to school can be so hectic but I really like to take the time to make this time extra special in various small ways.