Back To School Breakfast

Madison started back to school today…August 1st! I really am not happy how early the schools here in Phoenix start back to school so early but there is nothing to do about it but try to show some enthusiasm for it! Last year, I had a back to school party. This year with everything  (moving, surgery, and recovery) wasn’t able to plan one. However, I really wanted to make this day special. I got this back to school breakfast idea from my friend Mariah of Giggles Galore. She had such a cute back to school breakfast for her kiddos last year! I didn’t go out and buy a single thing….I used stuff from Madison’s room actually. Here is the setup before the food was put on the table. Madison LOVES to eat outside. It can be 120 degrees (for real) outside and she wants to eat outside. So I set up her breakfast table on our back patio.